Essence & Tradition

The art of making cheese in Sardinia


Cossu Family

For 4 generations, the Cossu family has paired Pecorini ancient history and passion to create an authentic and genuine taste


it starts with

The freshest milk

Directly from the pastures


Cheese Book


Our selection includes a variety of “Pecorini”, some soft paste, others semi cooked and others hard paste, and of course “The Ricotte family”, from fresher to more aged ones



Who We Are


It’s a family tradition started in 1949 with the great grandfather Angelo and continued with “Nonno Demetrio”. He transformed the vision into mission, creating the Dairy for the production of Pecorino Sardo, Pecorino Romano, Caciotte, Bianco Cossu and the Ricotte, dedicating his life for the realization of a dream

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 First his children and then his grandchildren, together with the experienced workers of E.T. Formaggi, have contributed at the merging of tradition and innovation for a sustainable development

 E.T. Formaggi is a dynamic company and attentive to the new healthy trends

E.T. is the acronym of Essence & Tradition, another curious interpretation is that E.T. stands for “Extra-Terrestrial”, expression of the uniqueness of the Cossu cheeses